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The Envelope Please — New TV Celebrates 25 Years!

NewTV Media Awards Anniversary Gala; stylish mannequins sported black tie, glittery evening wear, and sunglasses; Boston Event Planner, Boston Event Planning, Boston Event Stylist, Boston Event Styling

On a beautiful night in May, the members of NewTV gathered at the Brae Burn Country Club in Newton, MA to celebrate NewTV’s 25th Anniversary with a formal Gala and Awards Ceremony. Big Bash Events carried the 25th anniversary theme throughout the event and completely transformed the venue with unique décor that was both whimsical and glamorous.

The guests arrived dressed to the nines, eager to learn if they were going to be the recipient of one of the prestigious awards that evening. Music echoed through the parking lot, welcoming guests as soon as they arrived. A red carpeted sidewalk led them to the entrance of the event.

Black and white balloons floated above as they continued on their red carpet journey up to the Gala. There, they were greeted by an elegant mannequin couple stylishly dressed — the lady wore a silver sequin outfit, the number 25 carefully embroidered on her shimmering top, and the gentleman was wearing a tux. Each mannequin was holding an award envelope and behind them was a decorated table with a dozen sample award envelopes.

The guests were welcomed to the function with a champagne reception table and a glowing ice sculpture with the NewTV logo etched in. After receiving a glass of bubbly, they proceeded through the formal dining room to gather outdoors for a cocktail reception. They enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, while talented Suzuki School of Newton students entertained with classical music. When the reception concluded, all gathered in the function room for the main event. Each table was dressed with black linens and rhinestone runners, napkins were precisely folded into envelopes and sealed with a 25 label, and each centerpiece held 50 roses that glimmered in the night.

The awards ceremony was filled with heart-warming speeches as NewTV members — producers, volunteers, and others, were honored with awards for their dedicated work. The evening was a huge success and all enjoyed celebrating the wonderful 25 year milestone!