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What Our Clients Have to Say

Robert S. Kelly, Executive Director at NewTV:

“Again, great job Janet! I was very pleased with the presentation you put on — from the front door to the napkins on the table!”

Shelly Kamanitz, Director of Marketing & Creative Services at NewTV:

“Janet is a truly gifted artist, and interpreted the theme of the event beautifully. She showed great attention to every detail, transforming the venue with unique décor that was both whimsical and glamorous. The staff and guests were thrilled with the end result and we’ve received lots of positive feedback. Janet has so many great ideas, and was a lot of fun to collaborate with.”

Kathy Lucey, Owner/President at Lucey Travel Company:

“I have been a travel agent for 30 years and was ready to celebrate in a big way, so I called upon Janet McLoughlin of Big Bash Events. I wanted her to take total control of venue selection, catering, design, décor, and most importantly, creation of a unique, creative and whimsical table. Janet’s creativity and hard work has no limits. The venue had 3 separate rooms and the result was out of this world: mannequins dressed in map-themed pants and handmade map-adorned flowers designed by Janet; the table runner was a map of Logan airport; custom-made napkin rings respresented 30 countries. The event was more than I could have imagined — I'm still receiving compliments. I owe this success to Janet who, in addition to being wildly creative, is also a delight to work with. She takes everything in stride and remains professional at all times. This is the first party I have given that felt stress-free. I was simply able to enjoy myself, which was wonderful.”

Bonny Katzman, Owner at BK Design & Co-Founder at Black Lace Skin Jewelry:

“I've been involved with the event industry for almost 20 years and have had the privilege of working with some of the most talented people in the industry. Janet McLoughlin of BIG BASH EVENTS is among that group.

When most people think “centerpieces,” flowers come to mind. When Janet thinks “centerpieces” a whole new world opens up — incredible 3-dimensional pieces using materials that seem improbable. Imagine a mannequin dressed entirely in “fabric” made from hundreds of jelly beans, black licorice dots, and Swedish fish! Or a graduation party where floral kites soar through the room. If the devil is in the detail then Janet is red hot!

Janet works both directly with clients to produce their event as well as with industry event planners looking for the “BIG BASH EVENT” ambience. Janet has never failed to produce breathtaking looks for my events!